I Sell Insurance From Home – How Health Insurance Agents Can Work From Home,Too!




Hi, Russell here, and I’d like to review some of the pros and cons of working from home as an insurance sales agent.

Selling insurance from home is one of the elusive goals of most agents, the problem is most health agents don’t have the right opportunity to fulfill this dream. While costs like gas continue to climb, more and more agents are seeking out work-from-home opportunities in the insurance world.  Our free dental lead program is the answer most agents are looking for with several key benefits.

Benefits Of Selling Insurance From Home

  1. Work from home - that’s right, work in your pajamas if you want, there’s no need to leave the house!
  2. Set your own hours - We suggest making customer calls from 9am Eastern to as late as 11pm Eastern, Monday through Saturday.  That gives you 84 hours per week in which you can work the phones!
  3. No travel or marketing expenses - No more spending your hard earned commissions on gas, toll roads or unwanted wear and tear on your car!
  4. Interviewed, Warm exclusive leads - With lead costs skyrocketing, our leads are extremely well priced and will always be…we want your repeat business.
  5. Non Captive Agent - We sell leads to captive and non-captive agents. We also work with many call centers who require high volume leads.
  6. Flexibility Of Schedule - Work only when you want.  Have only 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night?  Great!  Need 3 days off this week?  Great!  Work when you want, for as long as you want.
  7. Paperless Environment - Almost all dental applications are submitted online, so there is no faxing, mailing or paperwork required (may vary by carrier).

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You can sell dental insurance from home

Sell insurance from home is easy.

Of course with any opportunity, there are drawbacks.  While not many, there are a few to be aware of.
  1. You must have an internet connection
  2. You must have a phone line that makes 3-way calls (most cell phones do not have the ability)
  3.  You must be self-starter and be motivated to get on the phones by yourself
  4. Most carriers require E&O Insurance
  5. Distractions at home (Kids, spouse, pets, Facebook, emails etc).

Working from home is a blessing and finding the right opportunity can be golden.  We started this agency with the vision that ancillary products are the wave of the next 20 years, as they are rarely affected by politics or the health insurance environment.  Dental insurance is an increasingly popular product as newer generations come of age with the educational background and knowledge that dental health is vital to one’s overall health.

When considering selling insurance from home, please take a look at our dental leads for sale and you’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to finally say “I work from home!”

Dental Insurance Leads – Getting Leads For Free

Dental insurance leads are typically not free – and those that do give them away, typically take a large chunck of your commissions to pay for them.


Our independent insurance agents access our database of leads from home, we do all the work generating the high-quality lead, they simply call the clients and make sales.  Our dental lead is warm (only a few minutes old) and it’s exclusive as well (only 1 agent gets to work it).  We’re able to deliver such a high quality lead for because of the proprietary insurance lead system we created, and since the system is ours, our generation costs are typically lower (we pass the savings onto you!).  Our software contacts potential clients and sorts and searches which people are interested in our product.  If they are, we collect that valuable data and pass it along to you, the agent.

Our leads are not internet driven, meaning, we did not “harvest” the lead from the internet (there’s almost 200 million people without internet service in the US).  Therefore, our leads are “opt-in”, they’re expecting your call, they’re expecting to talk about dental insurance.

We don’t purchase our sales leads from other third party vendors, or rehash outdated lists, all of our leads are brand new and ready for our lead buyers to call.

If you’re interested in learning more about our exclusive, warm, dental leads, and you currently hold your health insurance license in your primary residential state, then you owe it to yourself to CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sell Insurance From Home – The Health Insurance Saleman’s Dream!

Hi, it’s Russell here, sharing with you an amazing opportunity to sell dental insurance from home, with absolutely no cost to you except the roof over your head.  Health insurance sales are increasing and selling insurance form home is probably the best way to reduce your costs and improve your quality of life.  This is not a sight about how to become an insurance agent, but rather an information site that speaks to licensed health agents.

Listen to my audio, it will give you all the information you’ll need to decide if our sales opportunity is for you, and you might even get some insurance sales tips!